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¿Qué es el Vale de Beneficio Suplementario por Desplazamiento de Empleo?

School Options!

As you already know, this voucher promises to help pay for educational retraining or skill enhancement, or both, at eligible schools. You can use the voucher to pay for tuition, fees, books, tools, or other expenses required by the school for retraining or skill enhancement. It  may be also used for licensing or professional certification fees, related examination fees, and examination preparation course fees. 

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What kind of courses can I choose from? 

On many occasions injured workers no longer feel the energy to go back to school and some might even be already retired. The great thing about your voucher is that it can be used on courses that help you with your daily activities such as physical therapy, basic construction skills, baking, residential painting, event planning, photography and more!


If you already have an idea of what you are looking for, you will make your selection after looking at all the available options. Find more information about what you can do, contact an expert so you can be directed to what you are planning to accomplish. 


Here’s what you’ll should consider before we start your search: 

  • Restrictions: It is important to have your injury restrictions in mind before you start. This will allow you to be more comfortable with the option you select and to make sure you will be able to put to use what you learned in the near future.

  • Costs: Most of our clients have a total amount available for courses of $3900.00, so  the selection has to have to be equal or less than $3900.00, (balance may vary, contact a counselor for more details…) . You may also pick a more expensive course if you decide in paying yourself for the difference of the voucher amount available and the total cost of the course.

  • School Prerequisites: Many courses have  specific requirements that  need  to be met to be able to sign  up for them, however “Contempo Counseling Services” can help you find an option near you that fits your needs and catches your eye.

  • Interest: Think about your Educational School/course Interests so you can choose the one that fulfills you the most. Not sure what you’d like to study?, don't worry, we can help you!

  • Eligibility: The school should wait to receive  payment from the Insurance before providing you their services, unless the school ensures you are committed to paying yourself. This is how you  avoid any future debts in the case of any inconvenience between the Insurance and the school (billing issues) . Only approved schools can be selected. 

¿How can I ensure the school is   Eligible for payment with my Voucher?

Public Schools 

  • All Public Schools should be Eligible  for use with your voucher so you should be able to attend any course at a Public Institution. However, we need schools' written confirmation as only they can decide to work with vouchers before you subscribe to your course, this way we continue to protect your interests as well.  

ETPL List/WIOA Certified schools

  • All ETPL/WIOA Certified schools/courses are  Eligible  for use with your voucher, we may go directly to to confirm if the school you are interested is an eligible option. 

Your Training Specialist helps you with the following:

  • Searching for  the courses that match your interests. 

  • Send you school/course options near you that meet your needs.

  • Sending you additional skill tests that confirm if what you are aiming for is the best option for you.

  • The options are sent at your best convenience such as the options near you, face to face or online programs, courses that match your schedule, short/long programs.

You are not sure what to study? Don't worry! 

Contact a Counselor for a quick walk through!

IMPORTANT: If the injured workers decides to select a course that exceeds the voucher balance available, he/she and the school must come to a written agreement. We (your counseling agency) will always  try to ensure that you and all our clients pay the less (or no money at all) out of pocket so that you can enjoy your cash benefits in the best way possible and pay the the complete course with your voucher. It is important to note that Counseling Agencies, schools , and/or Insurances cannot guarantee your school can be paid for if you do not make a  course selection at least 2 months prior to your expiration date of our voucher (found on Page 2 of your voucher) , as they need at least 2 months for document verification, corrections and to be able to comply with all Billing procedures.

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