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Contempo family benefits


We are a Counseling Agency that is dedicated and committed to help injured workers that want to use their Supplement Job Displacement Benefit Voucher, so that they can continue their studies in any field that they are interested in and become the person they always dreamed to be. 

What is our mission?

The assurance we offer is personalized, from the moment the injured worker contacts us we inquire about all details of their current situation so we may understand them better and choose carefully from a wide range of classes.

Contempo Counseling

It is important to take advantage of the benefits provided by using your Supplemental Job Displacement Benefit (SJDB) voucher. We believe every day is an opportunity to start something new or make a change that will lead you to the path of success.

Why choose us?

Here at “Contempo Counseling” we are grateful to our clients for their confidence and trust, and strive to offer an insightful investigation and customized needs in a professional and humanitarian approach, simply because this is life, and we are blessed to have it and live as happily and joyfully as we can.

Want to know what benefits you will receive after being affected by a job injury?

Contact us for a FREE consultation today.

Contempo Counseling
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